Coaching is about creating change in your life. Period.
Big change. Small change. External transformation, yes. Inner transformation, too. It’s equal parts insight and discovery–figuring out what it is that you really want for yourself–and action, accountability and getting shit done. It isn’t just talking about how to change, and it’s also not just brute force getting things done.
It’s not precious, but it is kind of magical.


A cheesy metaphor is useful here: If i was going to climb Everest, let’s say, I sure as hell would not go at it alone. I would want a guide to help me, someone who has guided many people through this journey before. A guide who has my personalized map, first of all, where none existed before, who has the tools and experience to get me to the top, who can shine a flashlight when I’m stuck, who knows what I’m capable of (and what I’m not), knows when to push me and when to slow down, can reroute me before I make a dangerous detour, AND can support me and laugh with me things are hard.  I am that guide in your professional and personal journey. You still have to do the work, take the steps, but it is a hell of a lot easier and quicker if you don’t go at it alone. Don’t be the person who spends their whole life talking about climbing Everest (or making a career change), but never books the flight.



As your coach, I am your accountability and thought partner, no-judgment confidante, truth-teller, champion, teacher, and partner in uncovering and exploring your true desires for yourself and your life. Think of me as a guide to help you set your internal GPS, and the guide that helps you determine which of the possible routes to choose.

Coaching is about insight and discovery (what is it that I actually want), and action and accountability (getting it done). My job is both to help you articulate, clarify, as well as ultimately achieve your dreams, desires, goals, mission, and purpose.

We will meet for 1-hour on a weekly or biweekly basis (And, you don’t have to be in New York for us to work together!) Our sessions are often focused on the insight part, and you leave each session with an action plan. But I don’t leave you there! A key part of coaching is that I am your coach “full-time”. The action is often the hardest part, and challenges and detours come up. I’ve got your back, always, no matter what, this means we are often in communication in between sessions as you’re actually doing the changing. No waiting a week or two to regroup and figure out what went wrong, or what went right! I’m with you at all times.

What does coaching feel like?


Coaching feels like a huge relief, and peace of mind. You are able to relax and trust that you will make it to where you want to go (even if you don’t know where that is yet), and stop spending your energy on anxiety, FoMo and “what ifs”. I’ll take all of your what ifs at the door. No balls will be dropped (because I too am a classic overachiever). No opportunities will be missed, no detours taken, because I’ve got you.


Coaching feels like talking to the person who knows you best of anyone in the world, but better, and who always tells you the truth. It is my job to see you more fully than you can see yourself (you’re too close–how could you!? And your friends and family, they mean well, but let’s face it they’re kind, and loving, but also totally clueless when it comes to finding your best life!). Then, I will hold you to becoming that person. You’ll feel bigger, more capable, more empowered, stronger, more confident, more courageous, and more at ease as a result.


We’ll have the very best love-hate relationship because I will also tell you the truth when you’re selling yourself short, making yourself small, procrastinating and disempowering yourself.  This will make you crazy in the best sort of way.  So, when you tell me you hate me, while simultaneously smiling from ear to ear, I’ll take it as a compliment.


Coaching feels messy and confusing at times, and it feels like crystal clarity and certainty at others. Often things get messier before they get clearer.


Coaching isn’t magical, but it does feel that way from time to time. If you’ve been confused, stuck and struggling, you will be amazed at how quickly your life can change in ways you never thought possible. You will wonder, “how did that even happen?” “how did I even do that?”.


I can’t wait to see what your life holds for you.

Megan has changed my life, forever.

At first, I was reluctant, but Megan has tangible decades of experience as a supernova in the tech space and I related to her immediately. It was like I had known her for years when I met her for the first time. It was so much more valuable than I could have imagined. She helped navigate me to the exact place where I was meant to be, gave me the confidence I needed to surpass my goals, and uncover things I had been suppressing for years. She has an innate ability to help you see things with more clarity and conviction than ever before. Megan has gifted me with the tools I need to excel professionally and personally and has followed through on how I am implementing them. She has transformed the way I approach life, not just my career.

I have touted Megan to almost all of my friends and colleagues and recommend her HIGHLY. She is a force of nature, in the best way possible, and the best kept secret of successful and happy humans around the world.

Shachar Scott

Director of MarCom, VR, Meta

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